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Manufacturing case study


The Client

Packaging manufacturer

The Challenge

We were approached by a large manufacturing company where employees quite literally get their hands dirty, and safety is a major concern. The client’s standard training method for safety and operations was a lecture-style presentation. While this method served as an effective training technique for decades, they’d noticed a change in both attention and retention as generational demographics shifted across leaders and frontline employees.

The Strategy

While we certainly aren’t experts in manufacturing safety protocol, we are experts in how to best adapt trainings to meet the needs of a generationally diverse audience. First, we ran an interactive webinar with the client’s training team to educate them on the ins and outs of generational traits, backgrounds, and expectations around learning and training. That team was given the opportunity to  bounce questions and concerns off of our generational consultants, in order to better hone in on how they could best adapt training for a multigenerational workforce. Following the webinar, the client invited BridgeWorks experts in to observe as they ran their new, generationally-adapted trainings. Based on our observations, we followed up with feedback and recommendations on how this client could further improve training style to ensure maximum effectiveness across the board.

The Action

  • Customized webinar on generational training styles, traits, and values
  • Provided consulting and feedback on adapted training program
  • Worked with generational champions and subject matter experts to continue to evolve their training programs

Other generational training and generational certification offerings:

  • Expert eyes and coaching on generational training, recruiting, and retention materials and programs
  • BridgeBuilder: Train-the-Trainer program that can be adapted to existing curriculum