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Technology case study


The Client

Multinational technology company

The Challenge

This international technology company, well-known for designing, manufacturing, and selling networking equipment worldwide, was on the lookout for an actionable strategy to help drive cultural change and promote inclusivity both globally and organization-wide. As a diverse, multinational organization, they were struggling to find ways to connect employees with a multitude of backgrounds, cultures, and positions.

The Strategy

BridgeWorks recommended designing a customized, globally-focused program to tap into generational theory and promote unity by breaking down barriers and promoting open conversation across generational lines; everyone is part of a generation, no matter your background. Reaching this geographically disparate group meant adjusting the programming to deliver content via a virtual format as well as in-person.

To meet our client’s objectives, we first needed to understand the distinct needs of the organization. By analyzing engagement survey data, running in-depth interviews across generations and positions, and taking a deep-dive into industry and company collateral, we were able to develop specially customized programming that targeted the client’s pain points. Through this tailoring process we quickly realized that in order to make sustainable cultural change organization-wide, we needed to tap into the knowledge and experience of both management and new-hires. All participants walked away with clear-cut action steps to turn the learning into change. This program proved to be immensely successful, and received national recognition.

The Action

  • Customized Manager Training Programs: Communicating and Engaging with Millennials and Millennial Bootcamp sessions
  • Adapted programs to fit both virtual and in-person environments
  • Facilitated virtual programming
  • Provided training on the identified pain-points, which included: feedback, rewards, collaboration, communication, perceptions of formality, and work-life balance vs. integration

Other onboarding and training offerings:

  • Engagement survey analysis—generationally focused of course!
  • Customized learning solutions