3G: Connecting with Three Young Segments in the Workplace


Everyone is scrambling to figure out what the next generation worker is going to look like. Titles like “Move Over Millennials, Here’s Gen Edge” and “Gen Z is the New Millennial” are all over the place. These titles are flashy, but Millennials aren’t going anywhere—we’re simply gaining a new generation in the workplace.

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Our report uncovers the expectations, hesitations, and implications of the youngest generation entering the workforce, Generation Edge (born 1996—2010), as well as a new development occurring within the Millennial generation: the creation of two distinct cohorts, Early Millennials (born 1980–1987) and Recessionist Millennials (born 1987–1995).

This report will:

  • Show you how Gen Edgers differ from their Millennial counterparts
  • Introduce you to a new subgroup of Millennials, The Recessionists
  • Give insights into next-gen perceptions about the workplace
  • Highlight actionable takeaways to help you prepare for the newest talent pool

So, who is each segment?

Below is a sneak peek of each cohort’s make-up.




Report Scope

Our quantitative survey included 3,103 participants as well as qualitative research through individual interviews and focus groups. The goal was to unearth key findings about the up and coming workforce, as well as uncover salient differences between older and younger Millennials.

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