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    You’ve already done the magician thing at your conferences. This time around, you’re looking for something different, an out-of-the-box entertainment show that will keep everyone laughing, participating, and maybe even learning something along the way.

    Our solve

    GenPOP! is a nonstop interactive entertainment show that invokes the power of nostalgia to create a unique experience that will have audiences energized, engaged, and laughing from beginning to end.

    Infused with each generation’s best music, movie, TV and pop culture moments, audiences will be so entertained they won’t even realize they’re learning about the people they work and interact with everyday. Put your competitive pants on—this show will truly test who gets gold, and who is left with the participation award.

    GenPOP! is a fantastic fit for any conference or corporate event, because it…

    • Provides high-energy, laugh-out-loud, interactive entertainment
    • Frames the generations from a pop-culture perspective
    • Makes use of interactions, video clips, and games inspired by your favorite game shows
    • Sneaks in generational education right along with all the laughs
    • Takes you down memory lane: from The Beatles to Backstreet Boys, All in the Family to Modern Family.


    “Fun” and “informational” don’t have to be polar opposites, and our trivia show proves that.

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