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    A scalable solution to help you deliver generational learning in a variety of ways, be it a stand-alone workshop or as an add-on to your existing training programs.

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    BridgeBuilder Train-the-Trainer is a flexible, easy-to-use training tool that bends and flexes based on the trainer’s unique needs. Be it a half-day workshop, a quick 30-minute session, or a full day’s training, BridgeBuilder allows the trainer to run the show.

    Our program is a fun-filled 2 days of instruction led by BridgeWorks’ generational experts. At the end of your two days with us, you will leave fully certified to deliver generational material in your own organization through a simple annual licensing agreement that gives you access to all the training materials. (No need to order manuals the snail mail way!)

    We deep-dive into points of generational collision most relevant to you and your organization while teaching hands-on training tips and techniques. The training utilizes a BridgeWorks original concept: generational ClashPoints. These, along with highly-customizable training materials, will set you on the path to becoming a generational expert yourself.

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    trainingOur Train-the-Trainer Certification course is a scalable solution that gives you the tools to address generational collisions within your organization.

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