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    Whether your workforce is global or national, you’re looking for a sustainable solution that allows you to share generational training to an audience that is spread out across markets.

    Our solve

    BridgeWorks’ webinars and eLearning platform are two virtual solutions that can help you reach that diverse audience without skimping on the content, delivery and fun of an in-person presentation.


    Our gen experts have mastered the art of webinar technology and deliver our generational content to powerful result. While nothing will replace the power of face-to-face presentations, you’ll still get the same content, humor and interactions as an in-person presentation.

    One of our specialties in the virtual world is Millennial/Generation Edge Bootcamp. A program designed by Millennials for the youngest generations in the workplace, our Bootcamp addresses the question we have gotten all too often from managers: "When does this next generation of employees get to learn about who we are??" This seminar teaches Millennials and Edgers about their own generations alongside those in the workforce.

    Some over webinar options include:

    • ClashPoint training on themes like Organizational Structure, Motivation, Formality and Collaboration
    • Collaborating and Engaging with the Next Generation
    • Managing the Next Generation
    • Global Generational Training


    BridgeWorks’ eLearning platforms are the perfect tool for hands-on, situational learners. With videos, interactions, and games, our courses teach about the generations by placing participants in various real-world situations. With courses in sales, charitable giving, and human resources, our eLearning puts theory into practice and readies your team to better interact, serve, assist, and engage each generation.

    virtualIt’s a digital world out there, and we’d be crazy to not offer solutions that fit the busy, unique schedules of today’s workforce.

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