Austyn Rask


Director of Content & Research

Though born at the tail end of the Millennial birth years, Austyn was raised by textbook Gen X parents and identifies more with Generation Z. With a background in technical writing, she loves getting into the nitty-gritty details and stats of generational theory, and she’s eager to demystify Gen Z, especially as it pertains to the workforce.

Austyn uses her incredibly keen eye and attention to detail to put out flawless work… and to make sure everyone uses their Oxford commas.

Austyn came across BridgeWorks at a university job fair, and she quickly became smitten with BridgeWorks’ unique niche, voice, and culture. After spending the summer as an intern, it was obvious Austyn was the perfect Gen Z/Millennial Cusper for the team, despite her absolute cluelessness of pop culture.

Austyn received a BS in technical writing & communications from the University of Minnesota, where she focused on biology and worked as a nursing assistant. With her science background, she’s passionate about the generations topic as it pertains to healthcare and what the future has in store for the medical field. She lives with her husband and two cats in Shakopee, loves video games, and thrives on embarrassing her 14-year-old sister.