Austyn Rask


Director of Content & Research

What started as a simple visit to a local career fair developed into overseeing the company’s content and research. Austyn always had a hand in BridgeWorks’ content from her start, and now she’s stepped into the position of adjusting and polishing it to effectively meet client needs. All the while, she also leads the strategy and development of company research initiatives.

With the keen eye of a technical writer, Austyn has a knack for identifying themes from research and assembling it in a clear, understandable format.

Austyn aims to ensure company content gleams with consistency in voice and information, and her priority in everything is always pristine accuracy.

Austyn attended the University of Minnesota where she studied writing and biology and worked on building college websites. She finds her happy place when she’s either copyediting with a fine-point red pen or combing through US Census Bureau data tables. To her detriment, however, the only kryptonite that can dismantle her focus is cats and video games.