Debra Arbit



Leader extraordinaire and devoted generational junkie Debra Arbit is CEO, integrator, and motivator at BridgeWorks. What started as an internship more than 13 years ago blossomed into Debra playing a key role as contributor and generational voice for BridgeWorks’ second book The M-Factor, which outlines the essentials needed to understand Millennials and their mark on the workplace. Her business acumen and natural leadership skills were quickly apparent, prompting the co-founders to offer Debra both the role of CEO and the chance to become majority partner in 2009. Now, as the sole owner of BridgeWorks, Debra dedicates her time to the growth of the company and its clients. She continues to help organizations narrow generational divides through use of BridgeWorks’ suite of services and recently coauthored Managing Millennials For Dummies.

Debra is not one to shy away from a challenge, and her favorite clients are the ones with the most complex issues to solve.

As CEO, Debra has a passion for all things generations, but one topic close to her heart is how parenting styles have shaped Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Gen Edge. As a parent of three young children herself, she loves to explore how the way people are parenting today will impact the workforce and marketplace of tomorrow.

Debra came to BridgeWorks after a successful career in promotion marketing with General Mills. She has an MBA from the University of Minnesota and is a sought-after commentator in the media on generational issues. Debra currently lives in Minnetonka with her husband Alex, her three children, and her ridiculously fluffy dog Daisy.