Farah Habad


Keynote Speaker & Consultant

Resident hipster-in-denial, Farah brings a unique flair to his speaking style, cultivated through 12 years of competitive speech and debate. He loves learning and connecting with all generations, but he especially thrives on learning from the unique experience and wisdom Baby Boomers and Traditionalists have to offer. Farah believes each generation has a story that offers valuable insight and perspective.

Above all, Farah believes in the power of connecting with individuals.

Having bonded with and learned from different mentors across generations, Farah strongly believes that human beings derive meaning from narrative. Each generation’s story speaks to the human condition in unique ways. Farah looks to peel back some of the layers of our collective experiences to better explain the “why” behind the “what.” His style is humorous but insightful, engaging yet strategic. He crafts his content in a way that is memorable and chock full of actionable takeaways that can be implemented the very next day.

Farah comes to BridgeWorks from the San Francisco Bay Area—quite the difference in weather and seasons. He’s a former member of the Melvin B. Tolson/Denzel Washington Forensics Society at Wiley College, the team featured in the 2007 film “The Great Debaters.” As one of our Gen Z/Millennial cuspers, he’s actively trying not to kill various industries. When he’s not combing his beard, Farah enjoys going to poetry slams, playing with his nephew, or drinking his body weight in cold-pressed coffee.