Hannah Ubl


Principal + Consultant

An exceptionally curious person with an insatiable thirst to learn anything and everything, Hannah is one of BridgeWorks’ Principals and the resident stat nerd. Her natural inclination to seek understanding before taking action means that her client relationships are focused on listening, and that her writing and presentations are based in truth. Hannah is one of the women behind BridgeWorks’ latest book, Managing Millennials For Dummies, co-written with fellow BridgeWorksian, Lisa Walden.

Hannah firmly believes that data tells a story. She ensures that the research at BridgeWorks stays relevant and the stories behind the data are true.

Fueled by her passion to root for the underdog, Hannah has spent her BridgeWorks career helping clients overcome challenges with the most misunderstood generation(s) and industries. Currently, she leads the firm’s efforts to recruit and retain top talent in skilled trades and manufacturing. Having watched family members and friends thrive as carpenters, pavers, and pipefitters, she’s disappointed by the anything-but-compelling messaging that Millennials and Post-Millennials get about entering the industry. In collaboration with the BridgeWorks crew, she’s on a mission to transform the dialogue around trades and manufacturing.

Hannah graduated from Boston University where she studied Environmental Science and Advertising. When she’s not in the office, she can be found rereading the Harry Potter series, attending the latest art museum exhibit, cooking up some delicious vegetarian fair, peering through her stellarscope, or drinking an IPA with her partner and two cats.