Lisa Walden


Communications Director + Consultant

As BridgeWorks’ resident communications director, there are few channels of BridgeWorks that Lisa doesn’t touch. She keeps a keen eye on all marketing and communications to ensure we deliver a clearly branded message. Lisa is also an active member of the consulting team. She lends her mind to solving generational puzzles big and small, and has a voracious appetite for tackling challenging projects – the trickier the better. The classic Jill-of-all-Trades, Lisa is also a writer, researcher, facilitator, and queen prankster. She’s your go-to on all things re: generations and gender, and has helped develop some of BridgeWorks’ bigger initiatives including rebranding, website development and launch, and strategic content marketing strategies.

Lisa is the classic Jill-of-all-Trades: communications director, consultant, writer, researcher, facilitator, and queen prankster.

At BridgeWorks, we have a term for someone who falls in love with our topic instantly: Instant-Gen-Junkie. Lisa is the quintessential IGJ. After fellow BridgeWorksian Hannah Ubl first introduced her to gen theory, Lisa bombarded Hannah with every thought-provoking article she stumbled across. Weeks turned into months of this article-sharing and insatiable need to discuss all things generations. Impossible to ignore her passion for the topic (or her persistence), Lisa was brought on board as an intern and hired full-time shortly thereafter. Since then, she’s been a key player in helping BW meet our lofty goals, educating the team in all things extremely nerdy, and coauthoring a book, Managing Millennials For Dummies.

A BU alum, and devoted Bostonian, Lisa is a bibliophile at heart with a near obsession for anything bookish. She can often be found gushing about her recent YA read, extolling the virtues of the fantasy genre, sharing the latest cat video, and, curiously, serving up the most dad jokes in the office.