Lisa Walden


Principal + Consultant

Lisa is a long-time Gen Junkie, and Principal at BridgeWorks. She lends her mind to solving generational puzzles big and small, and has a voracious appetite for tackling challenging projects—the trickier the better. A classic Jill-of-all-trades, Lisa plays the role of leader, consultant, marketing director, author, researcher, facilitator, and queen prankster. She’s one of the women behind BridgeWorks’ latest book, Managing Millennials for Dummies, co-written with fellow BridgeWorskian and boss lady, Hannah Ubl.

A proponent of producing insights that stick, Lisa ensures that all BridgeWorks deliverables are infused with the signature witty/smart/relatable voice.

Lisa has worked closely with her fellow BridgeWorksians to develop a generational assessment tool that can be used both within organizations (recruiting, retaining, engaging), and for marketing purposes (product positioning, service alignment). Never one to shy away from delivering tough feedback, Lisa thrives on using her generational lens to target organizational weaknesses that are impacting the bottom line in order to help clients level-up their generational game. From improving recruiting websites, to developing engaging onboarding materials, to streamlining a new product’s launch, she’s brought her strategic insights to organizations nationwide.

Lisa is a BU alum, and devoted Bostonian. She’s a die-hard bibliophile, and wears it on her sleeve (no really… she has The Lord of the Rings tattoos to prove it.) Aside from reading all-day, erry day, her hobbies include dancing kizomba, organizing all the things, and posting about her two cats, Pan and Lyra.