Liv Peterson


Finance & Healthcare Business Unit Manager

In true nerd form, Liv enjoys deep diving into generational issues and discovering trends that can be used to help companies gain a competitive edge. Because Liv lives for this kind of work (pun always intended), it makes her particularly well-suited for her role as a Business Unit Manager. She specializes in applying impactful generational insights to the finance & healthcare industries.

As a true believer in the motto “work smarter, not harder,” Liv is passionate about creating resources that bring simple but actionable generational findings to organizations within the finance industry.

In addition to finance and healthcare, Liv finds pleasure in studying generational trends as they pertain to race and spirituality. This is fueled by her fascination of sociology & psychology. In her quest to satisfy her curiosity, Liv is a voracious consumer of books/research/findings that can strengthen and supplement her generational expertise. It’s not uncommon for Liv to come away from conversations with a new question or perspective to research. Her drive to seek answers to the uncommon questions is what makes her love her job and her projects.

When Liv’s not spending her time researching and consulting, you’ll find her exploring Minnesota’s many hiking trails, kayaking on one of the 10,000 lakes, experimenting with new recipes from her 40+ cookbook collection, or reading an Oprah recommended novel.