Skylar Werde


Strategic Venture Director + Consultant

A Millennial and Educational Psychologist with a passion for creating a balanced and synergistic workplace, Skylar has developed a repertoire of generational knowledge that ensures that the programs he develops make a lasting impact.

Skylar works with clients to solidify goals and customize solutions while establishing long-lasting client relationships.

He aims to extend the BridgeWorks message beyond the keynote through trainings, workshops, consulting projects and the interactive, gamified GenClash e-learning platform.

While everything generational piques his interest, Skylar focuses his research and expertise in the educational realm. As an Educational Psychologist, he aims his generational lens at K-12 education, higher education, educational leadership and teacher training. Skylar has first-hand experience working in schools and has trained teachers and consulted with school administrators. Don’t be fooled by his formal background, however; Skylar is one of BridgeWorks’ resident comedians and finds no situation above a hearty laugh.

Skylar graduated with a Masters Degree from the University of Minnesota. When he isn’t jonesing for his next generational article, Skylar can be found walking his Dorkie (daschund/yorkie mix), hanging out with his wife and first child, and cooking all things “healthy.”