Skylar Werde



Skylar has worked his way through the company from strategic venture director, principal, and now president. He’s accumulated ample experience working directly with clients and trudging through the many applications of generational theory. He now leads the company through developing effective, sustainable solutions that answer clients’ real, eminent needs.

With a focus on systemic change management, Skylar aims to help clients see how the generations topic is far more than a “soft skills” topic. Instead, it has a direct impact on the bottom line and is an essential vector for strategic planning.

From attracting the next generation of talent to succession planning, Skylar works with clients to identify strategies that fit unique organizational and industry needs.

Prior to joining our crew of generation junkies, Skylar earned his master’s from the University of Minnesota and worked as an educational psychologist. Luckily for him, he stumbled into BridgeWorks and helped build a strong, results-oriented team that can also tolerate his strange sense of humor. All in exchange for his latest Twin Cities restaurant recommendations, of course.