Train-the-trainer Open Session

Are you a generational junkie who wants to bring tangible and applicable solutions to a multi-generational workforce? Interested in learning how to better recruit, retain, and engage the generations in a sustainable, cost-effective manner? If so, then we’d love to see you at one of our upcoming sessions!

Who should attend:
This training is not restricted to trainers, but anyone who has a need to be a generational expert within their organization. If you want to lead a training, or just be a go-to person for any generational conversation, this training is for you. We’ve found that most of our past BridgeBuilders come from the following areas:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Human Resources (talent acquisition, generalist, manager)
  • Learning Development

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You will walk away from the training:

  • Equipped to lead generational conversations and trainings, whether with the C-suite or new executives, whether 30 minutes or a full day
  • Empowered to deliver the material in the most applicable way for your colleagues and/or clients
  • Educated on the most relevant generational trends impacting business
  • Enthusiastic about the great city of Minneapolis (or so we hope!)

Best of all, you’ll be a certified generational expert!

If you’re a details person, here are more details about the training:
Our training will explore generational hot spots and current trends on diverse but crucial topics such as transparency, change, retention, inclusion, motivation, leadership, and preparedness for the future of work. Our program is a fun-filled 2 days of instruction led by our master trainers.

The BridgeBuilder program certifies trainers in a flexible, engaging, approachable way that not only steeps the participants in the generations topic but concentrates on the generational ClashPoints that are experienced in the workplace. The program also sets BridgeBuilders up to develop their own ClashPoints that they recognize in their workplace.

ClashPoints we cover in the BridgeBuilder certification: