What is it? A pop culture trivia show with a generational spin.
How does it work?

GenPOP! is an interactive entertainment show designed to energize and engage audiences of all ages and sizes. It’s a series of nostalgic, pop-culture-inspired games where the different generations in your organization compete for points and prizes. Beyond the games and competition, we go deeper with your audience and talk about strategies they can use to bridge generational challenges they might face in the workplace every day, from communication gaps to flexibility.

Tell me more!

This show can last between 45–90 minutes. Part comedy, part trivia, it’s built to be just as entertaining for the people sitting back and watching as it is for those who are called on stage to participate. From The Beatles to the Backstreet Boys, All in the Family to Modern Family, GenPOP! will not only test how much you know about your own generation; it will challenge your knowledge of other generations as well.

GenPOP! Is a fantastic fit for any conference or corporate event because it…
Provides high-energy, laugh-out-loud entertainment
Frames the generations from a relatable, pop-culture perspective
Sneaks in generational education right along with the laughs
Makes use of interactions, video clips, and games inspired by your favorite game shows
Takes you down memory lane with all the jingles and toys you thought you’d forgotten
Why GenPOP?

“Fun” and “informational” don’t have to be polar opposites, and GenPOP! proves that.

Let's solve your deeper generational issues. Contact BridgeWorks to learn more about how we can help your workforce take the next step.