Our trainings and workshops are designed to take the valuable content that is delivered in a keynote presentation and allow more time for attendees to wrestle with it, ask questions, apply theories and develop personally applicable solutions through the guidance of our generational experts.

Your Need

An opportunity for those with a basic understanding of generational theory to develop practical skill sets that will empower them to achieve new heights of career improving interpersonal competence with people of all ages.

Our Solve

Either virtually or in person, one of our generational experts can facilitate a workshop designed to guide your attendees through a series of exercises, interactions and group discussions that will result in highly applicable solutions for their workplace relationships. Each workshop will focus on a unique generational skill set and allow participants to have their specific challenges addressed.

Smaller class sizes, greater audience participation.

Attendees will self-identify how their own generational preferences, reactions, and mannerisms can influence engagement and impact results in their environment. Our insights will go beyond who the generations are, diving into the “how and why” their unique traits and values have developed. Through immersive activities, participants will be equipped with examples and ideas of how to put these principles of communication, leadership, onboarding, recruitment and retention into practice.

Trainings & Workshops
  • Communicating Across Generational Divides
  • Inclusive Cross Generational Leadership
  • Onboarding the Next Generation
  • Retention and Engagement of a Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Train-The-Trainer
Train-The-Trainer Develop your own in-house generational experts to enact change from within.
Let's solve your deeper generational issues. Contact BridgeWorks to learn more about how we can help your workforce take the next step.