Lindsay Swiggum

Millennial Director of the Trades Ambassador Project

A Minnesota-native, Lindsay is one of our generational consultants at BridgeWorks. In true Millennial fashion, she grew up playing Nintendo 64, wearing scrunchies and Lip Smackers, and trying to figure out how she could get an acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

Before Lindsay came to BridgeWorks, she spent over six years in the talent strategy and staffing management industry. With this background, the generations topic was something she naturally gravitated towards and fell in love with immediately. She believes honest conversations create space to discuss the generational challenges organizations face, and that opens the door to develop actionable solutions for clients to apply across teams, departments, and regions that directly impact the company’s success.

A Millennial through and through, Lindsay taps into her traditional speaking and talent-management experience to deliver hard-hitting solutions to bottom-line issues.

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