Welcome, Gen Junkie! We’re glad you’re here. You may know this already, but we’re a bunch of rag-tag researchers, consultants, and speakers who study the generations, conduct cutting-edge research, and work with clients around the globe. While we’re not always actively hiring, we’re never ones to say no to an inquisitive, driven, fun-loving candidate that comes our way.

At BridgeWorks, we live by the mantra, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” When we hire, we’re hiring for the person, not the position. What kind of candidate fits within our quirky walls? These seven core values define everything we do and every passionate gen expert that fills a seat at BridgeWorks HQ:

Be a Visionary

Endless curiosity to spot trends and stay ahead.

Self-Driven Hunger

Intrinsically motivated to push through, be scrappy, and gitter-done.

Contagious Passion

Our generational fire is lit and lights up those around us.

Courage to Push Boundaries 

Never afraid to venture into unknown, uncharted territory.

Excellence is the Minimum

Results-oriented self-starters that don’t settle for anything less than brilliant.

Be the Client’s Favorite

If we’re not our client’s #1 vendor, then we’re doing something wrong.

Sacred Culture 

Team before self, lead with humility, and embrace a hearty dose of fun.

Are you smiling? Did you check all seven boxes? If yes, we want YOU to join our team of generational experts. Send your resume and cover letter on over to careers@generations.com. A friendly tip: show us your witty, smart, and relatable voice. We don’t want to picture you wearing a monocle in a dusty library as we read through your submission. Thanks for stopping by, and may the generational odds be ever in your favor!

(In the meantime, feel free to brush up on your budding generational expertise and check out our latest blog posts.)