Onboarding & Engagement

Each generation of talent has unique expectations and needs when it comes to the workplace as a result of their formative year events and experiences. Whether through virtual or on-site presentations, strategic working sessions, or robust consulting engagements, our Onboarding & Engagement solutions deliver an understanding of generational traits and values and the tools to leverage it to address your organization's unique obstacles and objectives.

Topics we tackle

Here’s a sampling of some of the issues we address. Something else on your mind? Just ask.

  • Retention
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Burnout
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Feedback

Our Keynote sessions elevate audience awareness and appreciation for the unique value that each generation contributes to the workplace. Delivered virtually or in-person, our insightful and engaging Keynotes are designed for audiences of all sizes to deepen their understanding of generational expectations and motivations and recognize the value of these diverse perspectives. Customized to address the challenges and goals of your organization, our expert presenters leverage research, data, and a dose for humor to deliver actionable strategies for effectively engaging each generation of talent.


Our Workshops leverage the power of collaboration to align and activate our generational insights against your organization's objectives. These hands-on working sessions are conducted with your leaders, key stakeholders, or broader activation teams. Through research-based generational insights, collaborative exercises, and guided discussions, our Workshops produce actionable strategies for understanding, engaging, and retaining employees by aligning generational needs and preferences with key components of your organizational culture.


The Generational Readiness Assessment (GRA) is a framework for understanding and optimizing your organization’s readiness to engage and retain generations of employees. Conducted through company and industry background research, employee focus groups and interviews, and a quantitative evaluations, the GRA assesses six key pillars that are critical to employee retention.