Gannon McDonald


Creative Consultant

Gannon specializes in creating meaningful, whimsical, and eye-catching content alongside his fellow generational experts at BridgeWorks. He combines his designer savvy with his generational expertise to create the freshest generationally branded content. Gannon also brings his witty, smart, relatable voice to BridgeWorks’ social media efforts.

While Gannon takes every opportunity to learn more about each generation, Traditionalists and Gen Zers particularly intrigue him. His favorite statistic about Traditionalists is that they comprise 9.8% of the population, and can recall a time where radio was a brand new technological development.

Gannon returned to the Twin Cities from the frozen wasteland north of the wall (Duluth, Minnesota) in the summer of 2017. Although he discovered the long lost method to defeat the white walkers (a BFA in Graphic Design), he lost 2 fingers, 3 toes, and an ear to frostbite and wights in the process. On his return journey, he stumbled upon BridgeWorks, where he now shares his secrets that could save the world through designed generational content to reach the masses.

Eating pizza, reading, watching Netflix, animating, learning about animals, and listening to music are just some of the things that Gannon enjoys doing in his free time.