Keeping in Touch with Your Employees

So many of us are adopting hybrid or even fully remote work. For some, this is a blessing. For others, this is a nightmare. For a lot of us, this is a little bit of both.

No matter how you feel about hybrid or remote work, it is an adjustment.

Incredibly, 90% of organizations are adopting a hybrid work model. Hybrid is the future.

You need to be ready and equipped to foster a sense of belonging, commitment, and productivity in a hybrid workplace, which can pose a challenge when you don’t have the camaraderie or oversight that comes with having all employees together under one roof.

After all, as Adam Wood of BetterUp highlights, “Only a third of organizations have any way at all to track DEIB data.” Additionally, “this data is used more reactively and not in ways directly integrated into daily business goals or in a predictive, proactive manner.”

Dr. Erin Eatough of BetterUp helps organizations to identify what can be done to nurture a sense of belonging in this new work environment. After all, 34% of people feel their greatest sense of belonging at work. “The key is to identify and address the challenges that hybrid work poses and adapt your company culture to be more inclusive.”

One key challenge is keeping a pulse on how your employees are feeling.

Eatough states, “Companies can gather employee feedback in a variety of ways. Internal surveys can quickly gather data at scale, but can often hide the fact trouble is brewing. Better insights come from more textured real-time data that shows trajectory more than one-off snapshots."

The solution to building and sustaining a culture of inclusion and belonging at work: better, more contextualized, and more focused employee surveys. BridgeWorks has the tools to help.