The Immersion Learning Series

BridgeWorks’ Inclusive Leadership Immersion Learning Series presents an approach to Inclusive Leadership that is rooted in the belief that all people are valuable and – when in a supportive environment – able to purposefully contribute.

Series 1: Developing a Foundation of Inclusion

Our Content

Our Series 1 hybrid learning course teaches:

  • The meaning of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • The impact of Inclusive Leadership on organizational performance and culture
  • The core competencies required to activate the practice of Inclusive Leadership in daily life, including: practicing perspective-taking, recognizing and mitigating unconscious bias, acknowledging intersectionality, developing anti-fragility, and demonstrating allyship
Our Approach

The Series is comprised of the following components that can be combined and customized based on your organization’s working styles, needs, and objectives:

  • 10–15 minute asynchronous learning modules
  • Applied Learning Activities
  • Facilitated small group discussions
  • Organization-wide keynotes & training sessions
Ready to embark on your Inclusive Leadership journey?

Immersion Learning Series 2: Fostering a Culture of Inclusion is specifically designed as a next step for organizational leaders and people managers to apply their foundational Inclusive Leadership skills from Series 1 to inspire engagement and trust in others.

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