The Organizational Assessment

The BridgeWorks Inclusive Leadership Organizational Assessment was developed by academic and professional experts to measure Inclusive Leadership competency and commitment through employee sentiments rather than organizational systems and stats in order to most effectively guide organizations on a path to improved employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Assessment Design

Designed to be administered to your employees on an annual basis to strategically guide your organization’s Inclusive Leadership initiatives, the Assessment:

  • Is statistically and theoretically validated by a third party research lab and a national panel of over 1,000 respondents
  • Consists of 55 weighted ranking questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete
  • Indexes your organization across the four pillars of Inclusive Leadership (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging) with a primary focus on evaluating your workplace culture of Inclusion and Belonging.
  • Benchmarks your organization's Inclusive Leadership competency against a national benchmark
Key Benefits

Our Assessment tool will help your organization develop and sustain a culture of inclusion by:

  • Identifying strengths, friction points, and opportunities, serving as a roadmap for elevating your organization’s Inclusive Leadership proficiency
  • Enabling annual intra-organizational benchmarking to examine progress across your organization’s DEIB competencies
  • Enabling benchmarking to evaluate your organization’s DEIB standing against other organizations and industries
  • Creating positive employer branding opportunities that demonstrate your organization’s commitment to cultivating a culture of Inclusion and Belonging

Our insights dashboard enables you to analyze your Assessment results in a visual and interactive way so you can examine experiences and perceptions across key employee groups, like generations and job functions. BridgeWorks consultants will also provide tailored solutions to address gaps and reinforce strengths identified through the Assessment so you can achieve the gold standard in organizational DEIB: a workplace culture where everyone feels valued for their whole, authentic self and able to contribute to their maximum potential.

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