Our train-the-trainer session is a flexible, easy-to-use training tool designed to help organizations foster cross-generational understanding from within. We will help develop trainers who can master the positives of generational differences to create a more cohesive, productive workplace. Trainers can come from many backgrounds, but we’ve found participants tend to have experience in D&I, HR, or learning development.

Your Need

A scalable solution to train employees on understanding and sharing generational theory in a way that helps engage and retain employees. Something that can function as a stand-alone workshop or an add-on to existing training programs.

Our Solve

During our time together, we will identify the generational collisions top of mind for you, and we will tailor the session to focus on those while teaching hands-on training tips and techniques. Participants will gain a deep understanding of both generational theory and the “why” behind each generation’s traits and behaviors, and they will use that knowledge to help improve relationships within your company. Our training program generally lasts two days and everyone will leave fully certified to deliver generational material within your organization through a simple annual licensing agreement that gives them access to all BridgeWorks training materials.

Let's solve your deeper generational issues. Contact BridgeWorks to learn more about how we can help your workforce take the next step.