Crista Thielen

Gen Xer CXO/COO of BridgeWorks and Generational Consultant

A believer in the power of the human spirit, Crista believes with will and skill anything is possible. Each day she looks for the opportunity to make a difference in the life of another; she’s always eager to roll up her sleeves to help solve challenges. She is passionate about creating and fostering environments where each individual feels valued and included.

As the Chief Client Experience & Operations Officer, she brings a knack for developing content and aligning programming that best fit a client’s unique needs. Crista’s facilitation of training allows attendees to immerse themselves in the content while guiding participants to engage in their transformational journeys. Her solution-focused delivery style allows attendees to self-identify how their own preferences, biases, reactions, and behaviors can impact the environment around them; increase inclusion and belonging; and motivate engagement in their workplace and marketplace.

A seeker of knowledge, motivation, & growth, she is keenly interested in what makes each individual a unique human. Crista consults on the topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), intercultural development, the sociology of generational theory, psychological preferences and development, and emotional intelligence. With her extensive work with fortune 100 and 500 companies, Crista has had a season pass, front row seat to ecosystems of workforce opportunities and obstacles. As the director of client experience and operations, she is able to pair her education, interests and expertise to make a difference in organizations around the world.

Crista is powered by her background in education, DEIB, learning and development, human resources, and operations. Thus, she is uniquely armed to develop and implement organizational solutions for transformational & inclusive leadership; recruiting & retention; onboarding; engagement; culture; knowledge sharing; talent gaps; DEIB; and communicating across generations in the workplace.

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