Scott Zimmer

Gen Xer Keynote Speaker & Consultant

Scott is a proud Gen Xer and BridgeWorks' Director of Keynotes and Training. During his seven years as a generational expert and keynote speaker, he has delivered generational insights and solutions to companies all over the world. Scott is a firm believer that people are a company's greatest asset. With every presentation, he works hard to make sure every generation feels valued, respected, and understood. He crafts presentations that clearly illustrate the tension that can occur between generations and provides straightforward solutions to help bridge gaps and encourage better understanding in the workplace.

With over 20 years of professional speaking experience, Scott has developed a uniquely personable style and uses research, insight, and humor to foster an environment where every generation feels valued and understood.

A child of the 80s and 90s, Scott has insider knowledge into what makes his generation tick. Scott’s love of nostalgia, including Atari and He-Man, knows no bounds. He’s put his knowledge of pop culture and expertise on generational theory to good use by developing BridgeWorks’ generational trivia show. When he’s not on the road, Scott is the office jokester who brings contagious optimism and hilarious childhood stories to BW HQ.

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