Kel Gratke

Gen Xer

Program Director & Generational Expert

Kel plays an invaluable role for the BridgeWorks team. When he’s not busy being the director of first impressions, Kel manages travel arrangements, writes contracts, coordinates presentations, and makes sure everyone has their heads on straight—his most difficult task without question. He brings a contagious level of passion and humor, injecting the office with a hearty dose of levity and helps keep everyone sane and on point.

Kel may be the director of first impressions, but his most difficult task without question? Making sure everyone has their heads on straight.

Kel has always been a pop culture vulture, dating back to when he would wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, to today when he binge-watches shows on Netflix. He is a TV-trivia savant but is also well-versed in movies, music, and literature. He devours celebrity memoirs—the more obscure the better.

Before working at BridgeWorks, Kel tapped into his love of the spoken word through radio work at WCCO and Ruth Koscielak’s RBN Radio Network. He even had the opportunity to play sidekick to the one and only Bob Yates. Kel currently lives in North St. Paul with his wife Marcela and his kids Bianca and Niko, who lovingly put up with his many quirks.