Belonging - Assessing for Actionability

Earlier this week we talked about belonging as a critical factor in your organization's DEI initiatives.

Belonging is the essential element that translates DEI policies, procedures, quotas, and trainings into meaningful outcomes like employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

LaFawn Davis, Senior Vice President of Environmental, Social & Governance for Indeed, highlights the importance and widespread need for belonging in DEI. Citing Verna Myers, the VP of Inclusion Strategy at Netflix, she asserts: “diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” Davis adds to this brilliantly, stating that “belonging is knowing all the songs."

Further, Davis highlights the importance of employee engagement surveys to gauge and measure belonging. "In your next employee survey, consider asking belonging-related questions that can help you measure and make improvements."

Like Davis, we at BridgeWorks recognized this need and the lack of well-constructed, actionable tools to address it. So last year, we set out to develop the gold standard solution for measuring belonging in the workplace.

We partnered with industry and academic experts to design and validate a diagnostic tool that moves beyond the "checkbox" approach to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. While other Assessments focus on demographic quotas and HR policies & procedures, we measure what matters most when it comes to driving real organizational transformation: employee sentiments, perceptions, and experiences of the workplace.

Watch the video to learn more.