BridgeWorks: Lovin' Life on the Road

Fall seems to be a busy time for a lot of people. The shorts get packed away, students head back to school, and in many industries, seminar and conference season is in full-effect. As usual, BridgeWorks gen experts are hitting the road hard spreading generational lore across the globe. In the last week alone, we’ve been consulting and delivering presentations in the US, Canada, and Amsterdam. As we’ve been spending so much time getting from point A to point B (cabs, airports, mass transit), it’s somewhat ironic that we’ve been the keynote speaker at two different transportation summits in September!

And while we continue to consult and deliver our generational keynote speeches, more BridgeWorks offerings are keeping us busier than ever. We’re running generational bootcamps, conducting virtual webinars worldwide, and getting ready to launch our new corporate entertainment show, GenPOP!.

On the home front, our experts continue their extensive generational research and trend spotting. We're currently homing in on what we’ve dubbed "the three G's": global, gender, and Gen Edge. As our world continues to become more globally connected, we're doing our homework on generations around the world and how a better understanding of them can positively affect the bottom-line. Conversations around gender are more prevalent than ever, and we're looking at the evolution of both traditional roles and current issues like the leisure gap, confidence gap, and the glass ceiling. And as always, we're keeping a pulse on the newest generation, Gen Edge.

It's never lost on us how lucky we are to do what we do. Our work is challenging, fun, and we get to meet amazing and inspirational people. No matter the industry—be it finance, hospitality, or transportation—the topic of generations is something that affects everyone. Generational theory isn’t just a fluffy topic; it is a bottom line issue. Understanding what motivates each generation affects all aspects of the workplace and marketplace: from recruiting and retention to sales and marketing.

So as the leaves continue to change, we will continue to travel the globe, research this topic we love so much, and share our findings. We’d love for you to join us on our journey! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (#bwfallseason) to see where we’re at, and read our blog to keep up on our research and get your dose of all things generational.

Hope to see you soon!