Wake Up to Belonging

The most important things are often the hardest. That’s true in life. That’s true in business. And that’s true in DEI work.

What’s going to move the DEI needle most for companies? Well, the truth lies in another, often missed component to DEI.

Nicole Fernandes, a Forbes Councils Member, discusses why so many organizations prioritize DEI but fail to move the needle. Fernandes writes that, “When employees feel that they truly belong at work, they feel more connected and committed. How people feel, and whether they feel as though they belong, is truly the key to DEI and connection.”

There it is. That often missed component.DEIB: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

Fernandes continues, “Studies have found that organizations with high levels of belonging also have higher employee net promoter scores (eNPS), which measure employee satisfaction and ambassadorship and are known to correlate with employee engagement. These same organizations also see improvement with respect to retention, intention to stay and measures of teamwork effectiveness, which are all important to organizations and impact the bottom line.”

When people feel like they belong, they are more apt to support each other and the work of the organization.

It’s time to wake up to belonging! BridgeWorks has the tools to get you off on the right foot.