What this is, and what this isn't

A big official welcome to our blog!

We are beyond thrilled about a.) our brand spanking new website and b.) the opportunity to use our blog as a platform to showcase some of the work we’re doing behind the scenes here at BridgeWorks. Our research churns along on a daily basis, and we really can’t wait to share the latest in generational thinking from our generational experts that won’t stop talking, researching, and writing about this subject.

Before we start jumping into the meaty stuff - the content - we wanted to give you a brief rundown of what you can expect from this blog, and what you most certainly shouldn’t:

What to expect:

  • Fresh insight into emerging trends
  • Tips for engaging, retaining, selling + communicating across generations
  • Info on generational theory developments
  • Opinion pieces from our generational junkies
  • Emerging research on the newest generation: Gen Edge
  • FUN, engaging, insightful material

What NOT to expect:

  • Stodgy whitepapers on the generations
  • A platform to perpetuate generational stereotypes
  • Recycled generational content
  • TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) - None of that. We’re allergic to long + boring

And this is just a really brief guideline. As our gen experts keep deep-diving into generational theory, our content will adjust to the times to bring you the most fresh, relevant, and cutting-edge thought-work on the generations.

We hope to see you back, and will be sure to spread the word when we post new material.