Your employees don’t have survey fatigue

Your employees don’t have survey fatigue.

I know what you’re thinking...
“We’ve already done so many company surveys.”
“Our employees don’t want to answer any more survey questions.”
“What new information are we going to get from another survey?”

We’ll say it again: your employees do not have survey fatigue.
They have inaction fatigue, or a lack of confidence that the organization will do anything meaningful with their feedback, a sentiment often informed by experience.

Research tells us that it is a misconception that employees are tired of taking surveys because there are too many of them or because they’re too long. Researchers at McKinsey identify that “the number one driver of survey fatigue was the perception that the organization wouldn’t act on the results.”

How should you act upon this inaction fatigue? How can you make your employees want to provide feedback? Our friends at McKinsey tell us how:
- Select well-validated surveys that are easy to act on.
- Give yourself enough time to act on results.
- Cascade results to the frontline.
- Develop and implement action plans.
- Implement “quick wins” to show you’re listening.

Does your organization need to reconsider its survey strategy? Let’s talk.