It’s possible you have a very clear generational necessity like retaining Gen Z or enhancing cross-generational collaboration. Or maybe your biggest need is some expertise to sleuth out the generational challenges for you.

The BridgeWorks Generational Readiness Assessment (GRA) is designed to identify, diagnose, and treat your generational pain points.

Whether your objectives are clear or need some decoding, our team of experts uses a cross-generational approach to solve complex issues, elevating employee productivity, satisfaction, and loyalty, and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

The GRA is a framework for understanding and optimizing your organization’s readiness to engage and retain generations of employees.

Conducted through company and industry background research, employee focus groups and interviews, and a quantitative evaluations, the GRA assesses six key pillars that are critical to employee retention. We leverage our expertise in generational attitudes, values, and needs to rate your organization’s employment environment against each of the six pillars and their underlying elements, which provides us with a dashboard-like reading of strengths and liabilities relative to driving engagement, satisfaction, and longevity among current and future team members.

Organizational Identity

How are your mission, vision, and core values aligned with individual roles, strategic objectives, and corporate actions to create a sense of impact that resonates throughout the broader community or society at large?

Learning & Advancing

How are employees onboarded, coached, and mentored in order to build career confidence, promote long-term stability, and provide individualized development opportunities within the organization?

Integration & Socialization

How does the organization create an environment that enables employees to maintain a healthy balance of all aspects of work and life in order to accommodate a range of lifestyles, backgrounds and needs?

Compensation & Benefits

How do you deliver holistic support to employees to help them utilize their rewards and resources to achieve optimal physical, mental, and financial wellness?

Expectations & Feedback

How are expectations defined to ensure clarity of personal performance objectives and alignment of both positive and constructive feedback?

Leadership & Structure

How do leaders and managers develop relationships with employees that create a sense of inclusivity and psychological safety?