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Finance case study


The Client

Financial advising and asset management firm

The Challenge

More than $59 trillion will be passing from one generation to another in the next 50 years. A large financial planning firm approached us for help navigating this upcoming generational wealth transfer. They knew that in order to stay ahead of this seismic shift, they needed to tap into the power of generational dynamics. They attacked the challenge on two fronts: give their advisors tools to better connect with a generationally diverse set of clients and improve recruiting and engagement tactics for the next generation of financial advisors.

The Strategy

#1 - Connecting with Five Generations of Clients
BridgeWorks designed an award-winning generational portal, accessible to the 40,000+ financial advisors within this organization’s network, chock full of resources aimed at different types of learners. From a customized eLearning platform, to videos and infographics, to articles and in-depth reports, this multi-tiered online resource catered to each learner’s level of engagement while providing actionable strategies to address their most pressing generational issues. Advisors have access to tactical tools that enable them to better connect with and prospect clients of any age.

#2 - Recruiting and Retaining the Next Generation of Advisors
This initiative focused on building tools and resources for recruiters to better understand the Millennial pipeline of talent. Informed by an initial Breaking into the Millennial Mind working session with frontline leaders, and later an in-depth series of interviews with Millennial advisors, the tools were custom fit for this firm. The resources are a toolkit of specialized recruiting materials - including videos, reports, articles. This approach has set the organization apart in the industry as one that both understands and values the Millennial advisor’s perspective.

The Action

  • Created an award-winning, comprehensive online portal of generational tools for advisor use, education and action
  • Developed a fully-customized eLearning program, with CE credit capability
  • Produced a high quality video series on generations and their impact on the financial advising industry
  • Designed a suite of print and digital materials: reports, infographics, conversation starters and articles tailored to each generation’s financial outlook, needs and more
  • Customized keynote presentation series
  • Conducted training sessions and provided materials for in-house generational workshops

Other finance industry offerings:

  • When Wealth Changes Hands keynote presentation
  • Customized finance webinar series
  • Client appreciation events
  • Organization-specific research and wide array of deliverables