Photo of Healthcare

Healthcare case study


The Client

Integrated healthcare organization

The Challenge

This nationally recognized healthcare organization understood that the generational gaps within their walls were disrupting everything from recruiting new hires to retaining experienced healthcare workers. With the added complexity of five generations of patients, they knew their issue was challenging to say the least. They needed a sustainable solution that was not only scalable, but also affordable.

The Strategy

Going into a project as complex and nuanced as this one, we knew that alignment was going to be key. To accomplish this, we started at the top. Through a leadership summit in front of C-suite executives, our team generated not only awareness but also a shared language and sense of urgency. That’s when the real work began. With so many challenges facing the healthcare industry, the trick was to narrow down and prioritize objectives—we knew we couldn’t resolve every issue at once. The bottom line? Keeping each generation engaged and motivated while staying focused on exceptional patient and customer care.

With the objective nailed down, it was time to figure out how to create sustainable solutions without breaking the organization’s bank. Our team came in to deliver a two-day BridgeBuilder: Train-the-Trainer certification course, where we licensed 19 internal trainers to conduct generational workshops at all levels of the organization. They became a cadre of mini-generational experts within the client’s walls. Customized ClashPoints, developed to directly address issues highly relevant to the healthcare industry and this organization specifically, left trainers fully armed to run pertinent generational sessions in front of senior leadership, nurses and even interns.

The Action

  • Customized a When Generations Connect leadership summit
  • Facilitated generational champion meeting to hone-in on objectives
  • Conducted in-house BridgeBuilder Train-the-Trainer seminar
  • Provided ongoing follow-up support and updated materials to keep the trainings fresh

Other generations and healthcare offerings:

  • GenHealth presentation series, tailored specifically to the healthcare industry
  • Onboarding programs designed for healthcare workers to learn to thrive in a multigenerational environment
  • Working sessions on how each generation views issues like talent shortage, insurance, regulations, and the issue that is Dr. Google
  • Specialized healthcare consulting to drive change through research and sustainable change