Photo of Product Positioning

Product Positioning case study


The Client

Residential real estate developers

The Challenge

A Southern California developer, known for building luxury residential communities that resonate extremely well within the Baby Boomer and Gen X demographics, needed insight into the future of homebuyers: the Millennial generation. Before breaking ground on their next residential community, they came to us for help adjusting their vision to meet the unique needs of the Millennial market.

The Strategy

Before kicking off the project, we knew we needed to generate a shared understanding of current, nationwide Millennial trends to get everyone on the same page. We facilitated a working session for developers, marketers, and builders that explored Millennial traits and values, thus setting the groundwork for what was to come. Once all stakeholders were speaking the same “generational language,” we embarked on a research initiative. By partnering with a quantitative market segmentation firm, we identified the Millennial segments our clients should target.

With the “right” (i.e. likely buyer) Millennial segments established, our next step was to dive deeper. Through a qualitative plan, we uncovered these segments’ key attitudes, beliefs, and expectations around the proposed new community. The developer used our findings to position their residential design to more closely align with the expectations and desires of their target Millennial market.

The Action

  • Customized Breaking into the Millennial Mind working session
  • Established consulting partnership with quantitative research firm
  • Conducted series of focus groups, interviews and ethnographies
  • Utilized salon workshops to bring the findings to life

Other product positioning offerings:

  • Product round tables with generational experts
  • Product testing with generationally specific markets
  • Market analysis/ trend spotting
  • Marketing analysis and working sessions